Dani Olafson - Professional Triathlete

Dani Olafson is a triathlete from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Dani has been a competitive triathlete for the past two years, during which she has completed three half Ironmans and placed second in the ITU World Triathlon Series. Dani currently represents Team Canada in the ITU Olympic distance triathlon. In 2019, Dani plans to try and qualify to represent Team Canada in the new aquabike event, which consists of an open water swim followed by a bike. Prior to being a triathlete, Dani was an ultra-runner competing in races as long as 100 miles. Dani still races in the ultra circuit, but no further than 50 kms at a time.

Outside of triathlon and ultras, Dani is completing her Master of Science at the University of Alberta with a focus on how intense exercise affects neuro-metabolic systems.